Rockabilly Hair and Make up

Sara Ashouri is a Make-up Artist who blogs on make up, with the latest reviews and how-tos.

She recently posted that one of her favorite styles to experiment with and wear is the rockabilly look.  Sara says a bandana in the hair is one of the edgier, yet easiest looks to achieve.

Here's what she says you need to do:

Line the bandana up like a triangle. You can fold the bandana to make it smaller for when it goes around your head. You hold it by the two ends, and while your hair is up in a bun, you place the bandana underneath, closest to your next, with the two ends at the very top of your head. Then you just tie it and secure with bobby pins if needed.

As for makeup she says for her it's all about the eyes, full lashes, carbon black eyeliner  - and the lips.

Keep in mind you can always experiment with look in your own way. A red lip isn’t the only color you have to do to achieve the look, especially if its worn during the day. Other colors I love playing around with are baby pinks, mauves, corals, and hot pinks. Just make a semi-bold statement with your lips! And be sure to have that clean looking winged liner. Two of the main important things of the make-up.