Rockin': The Rockabilly Scene

For those that love it, rockabilly isn't just a music genre, it's a way of life.  In Andrew Shaylor's latest book, Rockin': The Rockabilly Scene, the photographer has been granted exclusive access at events in the UK and US to  capture the raw energy and the commitment of the rockabilly community to authenticity. Featuring the history of the subculture by rockabilly legend Jerry Chatabox, the  book evokes the passion and intensity of a scene that is as exciting today as it was more than 50 years ago.

My Central Jersey says the book is the best and most comprehensive of its kind. 

It's a brilliant story in photographs of an historic period in rock 'n' roll that has been souped-up and repolished for a new counter-culture movement.

In the book’s foreward, UK Rockabilly Rave organizer Jerry Chatabox cites the wild stage show and brightly dyed hair of Sonny Burgess, the then-racy songs and dress of Charline Arthur and the hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle of the “world’s first real rock star,” Hank Williams, as just a few examples of how far back these tenets of punk rock really go.