The Lion's Share

Lion's Share by Russ Lippitt

The Lion’s Share is a look at the punk rocker and “greaser" in the 21st century. It’s been described as an "enjoyable freaky ride" and a unique take on the underground culture, "a retro romp".

Author Russ Lippitt has crafted a provocative tale centred on the anarchical world of rebellious young “greaser” named Billy. The story is set in small-town USA and revolves around Billy and his gang, The Click. Billy’s saga takes the reader deep into the street rod underworld life – not the life of hot cars but of the psyche that grips the young anti-society ‘punks’ that rule this particular world. Lippitt paints a gritty, but hopeful tale of misguided youth.

In its review, Punk or Nothing, compare the novel to music, describing it as the equivalent of a punk album: fast paced and full of filthy anecdotes. They point out that Lippitt's style relies on the punk aesthetic of basic, strong, no bullshit structure - simple and straight to the point. Lippett, they say, is not afraid to maintain a deliberately basic world for his complex characters to interact in with underfed descriptions giving breathing space for the imagination.

The publishing company admits it's not your typical “coming of age” story but explains that for Gen-Xers, and anyone who remembers the ‘50s rebels it’s a compelling story of a raw and dangerous journey into the world of the ‘greaser’ and ‘punk’.

Lippitt describes his work as a true portrait and tribute to the Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk and Greaser scene.

It’s fast paced and entertaining and intelligent without being intellectual.

“An entertaining and a good read!” - Lola, Distorted Magazine
“An emotional story of a rebel teenager filled with friendship, treason, speed and rock ‘n’ roll, a definitely worth reading novel!” - Mircea. More Punk Then You Zine
“This is one of the best greaser/punk/outsiders book that you will read” - Josh, Bad Kat Magazine.
“This book absolutely floored me, a great read!” - Jenka, The Subculture Collective
“Lion share offers a unique take on the underground culture, a retro romp!” - Robert G. Rose, Aimtv Group
“Lion’s Share is a captivating story in which every rock ‘n’ roller can relate to!” - Laurent, Veglam webzine
“A tour-de-force of greaser mayhem!” - Voltcase alternative culture magazine
A damn fine read for anyone who has ever felt the need to rebel against everything or anything!” - I, Devolution Magazine
“What a treasure!” - Richard, Punk or Nothing Webzine
“I was engrossed in this book from start to finish” - Steve, Street Voice Newsletter